EcoStar Regor LED Big Round Spot Lights' compact size and sharp light beam are ideal for illuminating all size objects vibrantly. It's a durable, reliable and attractive product, making it ideal for indoor lighting applications.


Distinct and robust design

The compact size of Regor LED Big Round Spot Lights are designed in a unique way which offers precise uniform light distribution. Manufactured using a high quality aluminium heat sink for effective and maximum heat dissipation. The robust driver with high voltage range provides inbuilt protection.

Light your life

The Regor LED Big Round Spot Lights offer a wide range of lower voltage selection. Available in different colours the lights are empowered with a steel reflector for better light output. They offer best performance in lighting and decorating the furniture and showcases.


Regor LED Big Round Spot Lights are energy efficient and saves power consumption with comparitively very less heating being naturally eco-friendly.


  • Model No.  : RSP – 526 / 528
  • Wattage : 20W / 30W
  • Lumen Efficacy : 95 Lm / Wt
  • Colour Temperature : 3000 / 4000 / 6500
  • Colour Rendering Index : >80
  • Working Hours : 50000
  • I / P  Voltage : 140-290V AC
  • Warranty : 2 Years
  • Applications : Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Balcony, Washroom, Furniture, Office




  • We are completely satisfied with the performance of the tube lights and flood lights of Regor LED fitted in our production plant and office. Regor LED has delivered on their promises and made it easy for us to make conversion to LED lighting.

  • Regor LED street lights placed in the temple premises at Kagvad look excellent. People have liked them a lot. They are a great find. We don't need to look for other big brands as Regor LED seem to be unbeatable products and we would like to have them for the other projects of Khodaldham Trust too.

  • We have a good track record with Regor LED and have been specifying them since long. We have now a lot of confidence that their LED lights will perform satisfactorily. They have interesting range of innovative products. Besides saving substantial money each month on our electricity costs, their street lights, flood lights and tube lights have given nicer environment for our employees and customers.