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Being energy-efficient and environmentally conscious Regor LED has progressed from simply being a good idea to a way of life – not just for consumers, but for businesses looking to cut their overhead expenditures by reducing their carbon footprint and additionally appealing to a more green savvy clientele. Switching to LED lights is one way they can be on the cutting edge of corporate concern for their energy expenditure. LED lighting is now beginning to revolutionize the lighting market and offer consumers huge savings as well as giving a peace of mind by being highly energy efficient, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Below, find out more on the advantages of switching to LED lighting.


You have to work out what lighting levels are needed, before creating a lighting design. Light level or illuminance is the amount of light measured in a plane surface (or the total luminous flux incident on a surface, per unit area) which is measured in foot candles (ftcd, fc, fcd) or lux (in the metric SL system). In which people's efficiency and productivity have been considered under different illumination levels. By them we know the minimum levels of lighting needed for a range of settings.


Lighting is commonly referred to as the fourth dimension of architecture, along with time. It influences how we think, how we feel and how we occupy a space. We can add drama to a space through direct light, or soften a space through indirect light. Employing accent lighting emphasizes the depth of a space, while installing orientation lighting encourages specific passages and impacts the flow of movement through a space.


Glaring is a major cause of eyestrain. We can take steps to reduce it by modifying the light source (using indirect light or diffusing light), modifying the surface upon which the light is reflected (using matte surfaces instead of shiny ones), or changing the eyewear (using polarised lens glasses).


Levels of our body activity or how lazy or awake we feel are affected by the colour temperature and brightness of light. Light therapy can be used to treat people with sleep disorders, depression, seasonal affective disorder and other disorders, which involves exposing them to specific amounts of light at certains times of the day.


Teaming up high quality lights with strong lighting design maximizes energy efficiency and savings.

Following are the tips to get the best results :


  • We are completely satisfied with the performance of the tube lights and flood lights of Regor LED fitted in our production plant and office. Regor LED has delivered on their promises and made it easy for us to make conversion to LED lighting.

  • Regor LED street lights placed in the temple premises at Kagvad look excellent. People have liked them a lot. They are a great find. We don't need to look for other big brands as Regor LED seem to be unbeatable products and we would like to have them for the other projects of Khodaldham Trust too.

  • We have a good track record with Regor LED and have been specifying them since long. We have now a lot of confidence that their LED lights will perform satisfactorily. They have interesting range of innovative products. Besides saving substantial money each month on our electricity costs, their street lights, flood lights and tube lights have given nicer environment for our employees and customers.